Android Custom ProgressBar || Material ProgressBar

Android Progressbar is shown when there is a background task running and to show the user about the status of the task.In android there are two typesof progressbar are used they are          1.Indeterminate ProgressBar Indeterminate ProgressBar is used when... Android Custom ProgressBar || Material ProgressBar

Android Search RecyclerView

Generally data is displayed in the form of listviews in apps, so that data can be dynamically loaded also sometimes the list has to be searched. Android Recyclerview is mostly used now a days rather than the android listview so that the views get recycled and consumes... Android Search RecyclerView

Google Tez APP

It’s been a month Google Tez app launched and mostly every 7 out of 10 started using it as it got introductory benefits included in the form of scratch cards, and referral bonus of rupees 51(each referral on first transaction one time) till 1st April 2018 for... Google Tez APP
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