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Android Tutorial on ButterKnife || ButterKnife Tutorial || Data Binding

An easier and simple way to bind UI components in the android screens to the code is explained with the help of Butter Knife. Butter Knife is one of the ...
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Installation of Local Server || Local Host || Wamp Server Installation

[:en] Local Server is quite useful when you are in development stage of your app or website. Here i will ...
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Android Generating SHA1 key || Android keystore sha1 fingerprint

[:en] A simple way to generate SHA1 key with in android studio, rather than generating it in command prompt. This ...
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Android Send SMS Using Intent || Send SMS from app

Sending SMS using Android Intent 1. Fetch mobile number for which message to be sent Uri uri = Uri.parse("smsto:" + ...
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Get video code from Youtube Link || Youtube video code

[:en] Want to fetch the Youtube video code from the youtube url ? Then its the right place using this ...
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Android replace a string by another

[spacer height="20px"] Sometime's we need to change some part of the string with other string then we can do this ...
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Want to get round corner for you android button ?

[spacer height="20px"] In designing android layout screens sometimes we want buttons to be rounded at corners and also we can ...
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Android spinner drop down arrow color change

[spacer height="20px"] When using android spinner we sometimes want to chage the color of the drop down button ???   spin.getBackground().setColorFilter(getResources().getColor(android.R.color.black), ...
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General Mistake in Simple Toast

A Toast is a small message shown when a particular action is done, as apart of result i.e., output of ...
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