Android Tutorial on Context Menu

Context menu in android is a type used to open a android popup menu when a Long Click is made on list-view. A menu pop’s up giving options like share, delete, edit,etc,. Generally used with listview to populate further more options which cannot be displayed... Android Tutorial on Context Menu

Android Tutorial on SplashScreen

Splash Screen may be a image or sometimes a video depending upon the app. Splash Screen is a first screen that splashes when a user start a app.   Generally every app will have a splash screen which will open up for certain amount of time, within which app... Android Tutorial on SplashScreen

Android Tutorial on Spinner

As in previous tutorial we have seen selection of choices using android radio buttons, check boxes there is also a another type of option available spinners also called as android spinner. Whenever we want to select a values out of a list of  available values spinner... Android Tutorial on Spinner

Android Tutorial on Radio-Button

Android radio button is used to select a option out of available options. Generally, we see these radio buttons in reservation forms and several other forms. In this tutorial on android radio button example we will see a radio button for selecting a class out of first... Android Tutorial on Radio-Button
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