Inserting values into MYSQL using PHP

This tutorial deals with the PHP integrating MYSQL database to insert a values using api and this api is called from android app. Before going any further let us know the basic operations we can perform like CRUD operations 1) Create 2) Read 3) Update 4) Delete  ... Inserting values into MYSQL using PHP

Android Kotlin Tutorial on Operators

In this part of tutorial we will be dealing with operators like addition, subtraction etc. A best example for the operators is calculator app which has almost utilized all sorts of  operators. The importance of this tutorial is to know the usage of operators with the... Android Kotlin Tutorial on Operators

Android Introduction to Kotlin

  Hello World is the first thing we practice in every programming language we initially begin with the same scenario we implement in Kotlin as well. You might have heard by now or its good to know that Kotlin is a official language for android developers. We... Android Introduction to Kotlin
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