Android Tutorial on Radio-Button

Android radio button is used to select a option out of available options. Generally, we see these radio buttons in reservation forms and several other forms. In this tutorial on android radio button example we will see a radio button for selecting a class out of first... Android Tutorial on Radio-Button

Android Tutorial on Dialog-Box

As in previous tutorial on android alertdialog example we have seen positive negative and neutral buttons  where as in current android custom alertdialog tutorial we will be designing the box which is being displayed. android custom dialog in android is used to show a... Android Tutorial on Dialog-Box

Android Tutorial on Check-Box

Generally when there is form or any any other kind where we have to choose multiple options then we use check-box.Several application use it to create a checklist,  enabling or disabling services, selecting products, contacts , messages and many more much easier than... Android Tutorial on Check-Box

Android Tutorial on Alert-box

An android alertdialog/ alert-box is used to show a alert message to user and getting conformation regarding the message as in previous tutorial on toast we can see a message is just displayed to user irrespective of confirmation but now user needs to confirm which in... Android Tutorial on Alert-box

Android Tutorial on Toast

  A Toast in android displays a small piece of message to user indication the work done or any errors. In this tutorial, android toast example is explained by showing with both short toast and long toast. The syntax for toast is   12345... Android Tutorial on Toast
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