Android Tutorial on Image SlideShow

[spacer height=”20px”] 1. Introduction   Image slideshow is a common aspect these days in every application it might be a website, app, or any other case image slideshow has been a key role in show casting the main use of the app by showing relevant... Android Tutorial on Image SlideShow

Android Tutorial on Popup Window

[spacer height=”20px”] 1. Introduction : Generally we see popup boxes appearing in the apps showing alert messages or system errors. And also sometimes we can enter data into these windows which can be further processed depending upon our requirement.... Android Tutorial on Popup Window

Android Tutorial on AutoCompleteTextView

[spacer height=”20px”] 1. Introduction :   When ever we need to enter any word and a suggestion pop’s up below we feel much more easy and enjoy typing in mobile especially when we are busy in chatting this process most of them use this... Android Tutorial on AutoCompleteTextView

Android replace a string by another

[spacer height=”20px”] Sometime’s we need to change some part of the string with other string then we can do this by using a method called string replace which does the work of replace the string with what we want to be replaced.   String...

Android Tutorial On Toggle Button

[spacer height=”20px”] 1. Introduction :   Android has provided wide variety’s of options for developers to make their application much more flexible for user. Generally there will  be few options like vibration on or off , lights on or off and... Android Tutorial On Toggle Button
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