Android Google Firebase Analytics

Hi, everyone we go through a lot of apps and websites these days, they may be related to different domains, may be no way related to each other but every website or app deals with a important topic called as “analytics”. Today we are dealing with google... Android Google Firebase Analytics

Android Play Audio file Tutorial

[spacer height=”20px”]   1. Introduction :   In this tutorial we will deal with android playing audio file, i.e, sometimes we need to play a sound or even when we want to play audio songs just like media player this tutorial is for you.   We... Android Play Audio file Tutorial

Android Expandable Textview

[spacer height=”20px”] 1. Introduction :   Android Expandable Textview  will help you to show large sentences or paragraphs with an option like read more.. or expandable option and collapse the text so that it uses very less space.   Mainly we... Android Expandable Textview
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