Navigation Drawer is a kind of menu which is quite common in apps, which makes the user understand the key features of the app much easier.

We also find a user profile in this menu which makes the user know his details with a profile pic in some cases.

So, today we deal with navigation drawer in both Android as well as iOS using the flutter.

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Let’s start coding, the menu with the basic components



Import flutter package


Declare a void main


Now create a class MyApp which extends StatelessWidget



Now add in body add  text view just to display a sample text



then add a navigation drawer



add a list view inside drawer



padding for list


add a drawer header


a sample text where we display user information in further stages, which include background color for header, and text color, font size declaration.



now here come’s the key module that is adding a row to list view

we declare name of the tile with the properties like font size, color etc.,



and we need a click functionality for which we  have a method called   —  tap()



like wise add few more fields depending on your requirement.


Full code:






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