In earlier tutorials  on Flutter we have got a basic idea of what’s flutter and how to start coding in flutter.In this part of the tutorial we will know how to code a Snack bar in flutter.

If you are new to flutter please visit my earlier tutorials on flutter to understand this tutorial much easily, Let’s get ahead.



A snack bar is a widget which is used to show/display a piece of message. To get it much easier in android we use Toast and in iOS we have alerts, to serve the same purpose these snack bars are introduced as a part of material design.

As you may have observed a toast earlier in android it doesn’t have any action, its just used to display a message.But this snack bar it also contains a action button.


Let’s Start Coding


Create a dart file as you create java file previously in android.


import the flutter package


then start with void main()  (as usual) declaration


then create a class


Here we have to return MaterialApp so as to add features to our app. This MaterialApp contains widgets we mostly use in our apps.


Now add a title and structure which is created using Scaffold, it contains appBar, bottomsheets, menu drawers and so on..



Now here comes the our snack bar implementation.

Create a class for snack bar which will help us to display a snack bar also make a action on it.




Now we need to add a button to display a Snackbar



add a title to button


And add a Snack-bar on button click



As we discussed earlier we need to perform a action on Snack-bar, we will hide it



And finally most important step a crucial one too… don’t forget to Show Snack bar


Snack Bar:


Full Code:






Show Buttons
Hide Buttons
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