Form validation is a basic process which every app needs to have as a initial criteria, so lets see in the flutter way of doing it.

In this part of the tutorial you will learn a  basic form validation in a simple steps so even a novice can easily understand and know the flutter way of dealing a form.

In general you might have been worked on android form’s previously where the first step is to design an xml file before getting on to the main logical java coding.

Now in flutter this is a combination of design as well as logic together which will help you in further stages of app development where you deal with multiple screens in android.



As you all are well aware of the MainActivity in android and this file is same compared.


Let’s begin


This is the basic step, import the flutter package its the initial step towards app development


Declare a void main and this is where the execution of the file begins


Declare a class MyApp which extends StatelessWidget


Now instead of returning null return a material theme


Add a title and design it with using Scaffold and add body using a class called MyCustomForm().


This class comprises of the body, extends StatefulWidget


Creating a TextFormField

Within textformfield we have InputDecoration using which we can design the textfield according to our requirement, currently we use “hints” to show the field name to the user


And then the validaton of the field using a validator, here i am just checking for empty condition


TextFormField With both attributes



Now we will add some padding in between two text fields username and password in vertical


then a simple button to process the inputs and show a snack bar

snack bar


Add some padding from text fields and declared raised button as shown below


We have initially declared a form key in the FirstPage  class on validating the form s a snack bar is show


This validation is done on clicking the button using




Full Code:






Show Buttons
Hide Buttons
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