In this part of tutorial we will be dealing with operators like addition, subtraction etc. A best example for the operators is calculator app which has almost utilized all sorts of  operators.

The importance of this tutorial is to know the usage of operators with the help of variables. As this gives you the basic learning experience of problem solving.

We would be performing operations on variables showing their usage and also in further tutorials we will be looking forward to accept dynamic values and handling them evn in the same style.

Let’s get ahead and see


Basic Addition

If you have missed my previous tutorial on variables so you will get a basic idea of how to declare variables here

Declare two variables with values


Declare third variable for storing result


perform operation


In the same way we can perform








Not only basic operations there are many more operations that can be performed and also few operations even require other data types like float and double so that we can even get the minute decimals.In coming tutorials we will cover them.


For complete video tutorial visit this link below


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