Every now and then we require to upload a image to server either it is regarding a user profile picture or any other image from your device to database. Also you can capture a new image and upload it to database.


Uploading data to server is explained clearly right from basic database creation.We are using local server in this tutorial for uploading the image name and image to database.


Creating a Database

Let’s start by creating database first


Name of the database : imagetable

Name of the table : imagetable


Server Configuration



I am using local server (Wamp Server) for this tutorial.

Regarding username and password default’s are “root” and empty field for password you can replace your credentials.





Include the config file to connect to database and the insert data into table.


Using this file we are decoding the image and saving it into a folder using the title provided by the user.


Insert title, image path in your database


Path where image is stored in your database


Close the database



Here ends server side implementations and client side implementation is explained in our next tutorial.

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Android Upload Image Using Retrofit Library Part 2 || Upload Image to Server

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