Push Notification is a common feature we observe now a days in every app like social media which uses them to show the latest message also every new message on the device is shown in the form of Push Notifications.Android Tutorial on Google Firebase Push Notification will let you know how to implement them much easily.


Push notifications also makes your app interactive, by sending the latest info and let user’s know it even they are not currently using your app as these services run on the background.


Google Firebase Push Notifications will let you implement push notifications instantly by registering your device and adding necessary settings which makes your app enabled with push notifications.


Adding Firebase to your project :







To get SHA1 Key please refer this link —  SHA1 Generating Process


Now add google-services.json file to your project by using this file firebase services can be implemented in your app not only push notifications even analytics, login, data storage, and many ore services can be implemented based on this json file.


We are not adding any element in the layout file.










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