We have seen few image loading library’s earlier now its turn for a fastest image loading library in the android platform.i have personally used this library and observed terrific loading of images and also the caching of them for further use.Lets get into¬†Android Glide Library Tutorial.

Generally we deal with few apps where we use a lot of images to be loaded for example consider social networking sites where there is a usage of high quality images to be loaded in a very little amount of time for which which a powerful library is to be considered to handle this task much easier and smoother than before versions.

Here it is glide, previously i have shown few image loading library’s but this particular library is best recommended because of its features offering, making even a novice developer look like a pro with its features like..

  1. Image loading much faster in terms of even high quality and size of the image
  2. Animated GIF’s are loaded with much ease than before
  3. And also video stills are decoded and displayed
  4. A smoother interface to make loading process handle using a image or even a small gif based animation file which adds a cool UI too.
  5. Also the most important thing is it comes with a listener where the onException and onResourceReady conditions can be handled easily and further process can be done.
  6. Even cropping of the images can be done.


add glide to your project



add a simple android imageview to layout



and then initialize glide in Activty





add your image/gif  url here


can override dimension here


and a listener can be used to handle the situations





At last don’t forget to add internet permission to your manifest file


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