We generally see ads regarding different products in different streams, so as in our android app we can show ads with the help of Google Admob. When you link your app with the Admob using sdk it starts showing you the ads in the place you have specified.You may customize the categories of ads you want to show on your app from admob console.


These ads are intended for the end user so be careful while you are integrating them use Test Ads. As it is against the Admob policy to use the live ads while testing.


Generally this phenomena is termed as App Monetization in this tutorial on integrating admob ads i will show you how to integrate

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Interstitial Ads


Banner Ads

Ad’s which are generally displayed as a small banner in top of the screen or bottom of the screen. While placing these ad’s make sure you avoid places such that no unwanted clicks occur on these views.


Interstitial Ads

Compared to banner ads these ad’s are displayed in full screen.So displayed these ads when ever you think is necessary same like above ads avoid unwanted clicks.


If you don’t have and Admob account can signup here Google Admob

Add Admob SDK to your to your project





build.gradle (Project)




Adding two buttons to move forward into screens where ads are displayed




Just code buttons to move to screens






Add a AdView using which you can display banner add make sure you place them in appropriate place avoiding unwanted clicks.




then initialize them



For testing purpose i am using  sample ad units   ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111

You may find them here


Initialize ads



then fetching the ads for the specified adunit



loading the ad into adview




Add a button, by clicking on which you can see a Interstitial ad appearing





Initialize Interstitial ads



adding adunit there is a different adunit for both Banner and Interstitial Ad mat refer link for sample adunits



you need to load ad before it’s been displayed


then load the ad on button click


AdListener can be used to make any functionality if required during the ads are being displayed or after being displayed


After an ad is displayed you need to load the next ad







Add internet and access network permissions to you manifest file




For more info visit Admob


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