Android app has different types of presenting data to end user and video is one of its kind so in this tutorial we can help you out with integrating youtube video into your app.


Before going any further into tutorial lets get a api key from google console api  Google Api Key





































Create a credential using your SHA1 Algorithm



API key is generated if required you can restrict your api key depending upon your usage level.Copy the api key for further usage in integrating youtube videos.


Add youtube library to your android studio projects

Youtube Android Player API — Download


add it to libs folder of your project and integrate to

build.gradle(Module: app)


Let’s start coding



add YouTubePlayerView




Configure youtube player with the api key which is generated in above process and also youtube video which you want to play

Get video code from Youtube Link || Youtube video code

Now initialize youtube player, EventListener & StateChangeListener





if initialization failed


and when succeeded


Using EventListener we can track video whether video is being played, paused, stopped, buffering



and using StateChangeListener we can know whether video is loaded, any error occurred or whether the ad started in between the video and most importantly whether the video is ended.





Add internet permission to manifest file



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