Loading images sometimes turn up to be a difficult task if there are more to be loaded the new fresco library makes your work much simpler.Using this library you can load images from server as well as local resources.It also uses a cache to avoid unnecessary wastage of CPU resource.

Also this library to make the image appear faster then before making a low resolution image load before we get the high resolution.You can see this feature in social networking apps like facebook, Instagram and many more where there is a high usage of images to be loaded.

Streaming is one more advantage using this library as it updates display when more data arrives from the source, most of the image library are not having streaming option.

Even loading animated images turns out to be much more flexible as fresco handles loading of every frame and also proper disposing of them after the use so as to maintain stability of memory.

Fresco is from facebook, and any help regarding the usage, query you can visit official website Fresco to know more.


Lets start loading a image using this library.



Starting with layout design add a image view also called as DraweeView as





Then start initializing library in the activity where we want to load the image

make sure you initialize the library just before

because we are using the DraweeView in layout file which is to be initialized before.


Initialize SimpleDraweeView


add your image url


then set the image to view as


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