Android app dealing with web services generally uses json links to parse the data known as json parser using with different types of libraries such as Volley Library, Retrofit and many more..

Parsing a json URL will get the details from the link provided called as api, so today we will see how to parse a json url locally within our app.Sometimes when we are about to test any services we will use this type of local json url to form the complete app structure before we implement json services.

When we have to parse data to populate in a listview we send data in arraylist.


for more info


Also we some time json is used to send a simple set of data just like user information to be displayed in profile as user name, number, age, password.



Create a raw json file in assets folder

Example json file


Then create a Pojo class



and fetch the key values from the details list



Now designing the Android Reyclerview row


Name and age of the user is shown in the list so we add two textview for the following fields as



Then we add recyclerview to the activity_main



Now lets make a RecycleView Adapter




Parse the local json to fetch the user details





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