Generally data is displayed in the form of listviews in apps, so that data can be dynamically loaded also sometimes the list has to be searched.

Android Recyclerview is mostly used now a days rather than the android listview so that the views get recycled and consumes less storage compared to the listview

Searching a android listview is most common feature used in almost every app so in this android tutorial on recyclerview search we will see how to search the list and show the updated list.


In my previous tutorial Fetching Contacts i had shown you how to fetch contacts and now in this tutorial i will sow you how to add search functionality to that recyclerview.


We will be using android searchview just as like textview and edittext but this one comes up with a search functionality.




Initialization of search view, and adding a hint to be appeared in the searchview




Add a search view to the view above the recyclerview as






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