1. Introduction :


In this tutorial we will deal with android playing audio file, i.e, sometimes we need to play a sound or even when we want to play audio songs just like media player this tutorial is for you.


We will be using a service class to do the process if you are not aware of using service class i will explain about it in coming tutorials.

Here now we will play audio file on button click.




2. Creating activity_main.xml :


We are tying to make a android play audio file from assets / android play audio file from raw so for this we need a simple UI so that it has a play and stop button.

So you have the full freedom in designing in implementing according to your desire, but make sure that buttons are working correctly.



3. Creating Media File :


Now here comes our service class so that audio clip/music/song can be played using this class where we will be having…


–> Creating service class



–> Starting service i.e., playing audio file



–> Stopping service




4. Creating MainActivity File :


So the main functionality in MainActivity file is that we will be starting and ending a audio file using our created service class i.e.,  Media.class using two buttons “Start” And “Stop”.


–> Start /Play button

If you notice here we are starting service as



–> End /Stop button

If you notice here we are stopping service as




Full Code :


5. Output :


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