1. Introduction


Image slideshow is a common aspect these days in every application it might be a website, app, or any other case image slideshow has been a key role in show casting the main use of the app by showing relevant images with a specific time period.


Today we will see image slideshow android in this tutorial, this tutorial building an image slideshow will clearly explain you how a slide show is made using file handlers and timers in android.


OK now let’s start android image auto slideshow tutorial by designing our screen first.

2. Creating activity_main.xml :


Here we don’t require any thing special but just a image view to make slide show and a text view.



Full Code :


3. Creating fadein.xml file

This is the xml file which helps us to made kinf of style for our images while animating them i.e., android slideshow settings kind of file. Here you can adjust according to your requirements.


Note: You have to make a folder inside res folder and then name it as anim then path is



not only “anim” you can give any name to the folder but make change in th path accordingly




4. Creating MainActivity.java :


Firstly resources i.e., images are to be selected and added to a array which is of type int.



Then here comes our Handler



initialize timer



Setting images from array to the image view



Animate image with fade in style



and also don’t forget to increment index



here come our final code android code for image slideshow  


5. Output


imgslide1 imgslide2

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