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1. Introduction

Sending a a email was a tough task decades back but now it’s been simplified now into simple process of clicking a button in your mobile.

Yes what you read is right, most of us use this but for them those who don’t know its for them.

Before getting any further first you need to sign-up into email services on your device so that we will use these accounts to send email.



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2. Creating activity_main.xml :

To the interface we will be adding four edittext’s for user ti\o insert values like name, phone, hobbies, country.



3. Creating MainActivity.java :

For sending a mail we need to implement intent by which we can send email.


Add  your email address here

Subject of mail

This is the main step as we are adding our edittext data into intent for it to further process and use them in mail.

Setting email type

Starting the email intent




And now implementing these in our MainActivity.java by using

Full Coding MainActivity.java

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Output :




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