Rating is used in many fields to give a user experience in that particular domain or simply to rate the work, movie, products, and many more in android ratingbar example.

In real life almost every category contains rating bar which will help user to choose better products out of available.

Here is how a rating bar looks like


rating1 rating2 rating3 rating4


So Today we will try to learn how to code rating bar in your app’s i.e, –> Rating Bar in Android App Coding.


In this tutorial i will be showing rating bar in two different ways i.e,

  1. Static Rating Bar (i.e., predefined rating is shown)
  2. Dynamic Rating Bar (i.e., dynamic rating bar is shown)


With the above introduction i think you got a basic knowledge regarding What is Rating Bar ? and use of it.




Adding Rating Bar to xml file



I have used two rating bars one for dynamic and other static.

Using dynamic rating bar user can input rating and using Static rating is shown.



Here we have made rating bar to accept number and will check whether it is between 1 – 5 and if user entered value is greater than 5 it will remain in 5 Rating and if less than 0 it will be 0 Rating.






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