In this Android Tutorial On Gallery View we will learn how to show a static image gallery using images and buttons, the main ideology of this tutorial is to give a view of how the gallery can be made in a simple terms for beginners.

Gallery view is shown both in vertical and horizontal view, but the only difference is that layout file differs but same coding can be applicable for both the activity’s as almost all functionality is same but only view is changed accordingly.


Adding two buttons to access two gallery views.


Creating :



Now we will create gallery1 and gallery2 xml files accordingly you can observe the difference in layout adjustments.


Creating gallery1.xml :


Adding ten buttons and a imageview to display selected image.


Creating gallery2.xml :



Creating :


Setting image to imageview as



Creating :

Gallery2 is same as Gallery1 but to avoid confusion i had mentioned it again.



AndroidManifest.xml :


Adding Gallery1 and Gallery2 to manifest file.






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