Android Custom Listview tutorial helps you to learn how to set data to ListView using adapter class.

Here, i will use a getview interface and will set data to the listview, using setter and getter’s.Here in this tutorial i will be showing android operating system (OS) name & category as fields in listview. Given user a functionality to add these fields dynamically, and also explaining how a custom listview functionality works out.

So, this is a little intro regarding the topic let us get into further details, android custom listview example.


First of all we will be seeing Getter and Setter Class, by using this we are fetting data from user and setting to our listview.

I have made an easy to understand interface where user will enter data and this data will be saved into Array List and this array list will be shown in Listview using a adapter i.e., our Custom ListView adapter.

Here, we are getting data form user and setting it to array list as below.After setting data listview will be updated with data.


Now we will be fetching data from array list using getter, Here versionList is array form which data is fetched

And setting it to textview as

Creating Getter and Setter


No we will create a Custom Listview adapter class where we will append this data into a list view


Creating a ListAdapter




Adding two edittext’s for user input and listview to show data



Now designing listview row.


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