A listview is used to display a list of values coming from different types of sources such as databases, string arrays etc., its a dynamic way of displaying the values when don’t know the exact number of values.

In this custom listview android tutorial i will show a list of colors and a toast displayed when clicked on the listview with selected color

Here in this android studio listview example i am showing you the basic listview using a custom listview adapter.


And before going any further i would recommend you to use android recyclerview which has much efficiency than the listview for more info please visit

recyclerview android tutorial




Populating listview based on String [] list values.




A String array is used to populate the listview  as


And using the ArrayAdapter



Add a listview in layout and also a textview.


Adding a listview to the xml file as








If any query or for full coding please comment in the below section.

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