Generally we use web browser to open any url i.e., is website in our mobile or computer, if there is a need to open a website within the app the we have a tool called android webview.

Android webview can be used to load a url in your app so that user will remain in your app and can browse the website you have redirected. And you need not worry about the dimensions as webview itself has a internal scroll view and can show the entire website with scroll option.

In this android studio webview example i will be showing you the basic webview through which we can easily navigate through the website using our app.

You can also design a web browser app using this webview, in this tutorial i will make a simple user interface using which you can enter a url which will be loaded on button click


User entered url is taken at


Can also add autocomplete textview here for help refer

android autocompletetextview


And is loaded in webview as



Adding Web-view to layout and button to search.

Also specifying a android edittext to input website url to search just as any browser our webview also gets website and gives within app.


Adding a webview




To get android webview we need to add internet permission to Android Manifest file by which our app can access internet.









If you have any query or for full code comment below.

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