Splash Screen may be a image or sometimes a video depending upon the app. Splash Screen is a first screen that splashes when a user start a app.


Generally every app will have a splash screen which will open up for certain amount of time, within which app functionality can be loaded like checking a user is logged in or not, checking whether the device is connected to internet and also starting various background services depending upon the app functionality.


In this tutorial on splash screen android studio i am showing a splash screen which will be shown for about 5 seconds and then moves to the next screen.



Splash screen sleep time is set to 5 seconds


Then the activity is moved to the next preceding screen




We can add a image-view  and assign image to it but i want to make it much simpler. So, had assigned image to layout as background.


It is a better practice to add a imageview and then assigning it to src tag to display image without any blur or expanding of the image if you need any help regarding the process comment below.


Now after splash screen loading we have to move to another screen i.e., MainActivity.java



Adding a textview to activity_main.xml




Finally add splashscreen Activity to Manifest file this is the important task which will make splashscreen load on app startup and make it as a launcher to load it first.




Output :



If you have any query’s in this tutorial comment below.

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