Splash Screen is a first screen that splashes when a user start a app.

Generally every app will have a splash screen which will open up for certain amount of time.

Splash Screen may be a image or sometimes a video depending upon the app.

In this tutorial i am showing a splash screen which will be shown for about 5 seconds and then moves to the next screen.




  We can add a image-view  and assign image to it but i want to make it much simpler. So, had assigned image to layout as background.  



  Now after splash screen loading we have to move to another screen i.e., MainActivity.java  



  Adding a textview to activity_main.xml  



Finally add splashscreen Activity to Manifest file this is the important task which will make splashscreen load on app startup.


Output :

splash1 splash2

If you have any query’s in this tutorial comment below.

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