As in previous tutorial we have seen selection of choices using android radio buttons, check boxes there is also a another type of option available spinners also called as android spinner.

Whenever we want to select a values out of a list of  available values spinner is one of the best available option.

Spinner consists of a list of values where user have to select a value, Spinner’s are generally used is form’s, selecting color, size, font and many other requirements.

A spinner has much more flexibility rather than other options because a spinner can be populated from even databases also we can change the design of android spinner dropdown style by using various themes available.

In this android tutorial we will see a spinner consists of android version’s and can select one out of it.

Spinner is loaded with bunch of strings store in a String array as


And this string array is in turn attached to a android spinner adapter as



Adding Spinner to our xml file.




add spinner in strings.xml file





Output :





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