As in previous tutorial on android alertdialog example we have seen positive negative and neutral buttons  where as in current android custom alertdialog tutorial we will be designing the box which is being displayed.

android custom dialog in android is used to show a message in the form of a dialog with a button.

In case of form filling if you miss any option then a dialog box will open up asking to fill all the fields in this way a dialog box will be used, not only this we can use this type of box even with android popup dialog refer

Adding textview and button to xml screen which is to be displayed in the custom alert-box.



Now we have to design dialog box, we can set textview, edittext, buttons and more depending upon requirement.

Here i am showing you a default dialog-box where i have taken a textview and button  but you can also add a webview, or video view, imageview to even show ads on the dialog box with button below it. to close or reedem the offers.


In this layout we will be adding the required fields in the dialog, so here we are adding a simple android textview and button but you can even add more fields and align them properly then the rest is similar to normal coding.


Output :
















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